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Choosing a Birth Injury Law Firm

May 5, 2021 

If your newborn is suffering from medical problems (such as cerebral palsy) that you suspect were caused by doctors or other medical personnel who delivered your child, you should seek the services of an experienced law firm as soon as possible.  There are several factors to consider when choosing a birth injury law firm, including to help… Read more >

Decisions in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit

November 11, 2018 

In this week’s New England Journal of Medicine, November 8, 2018, Vol. 379, No. 19, Page 1851, there is a detailed discussion of decision making for neo-natal babies in reference to hypoxic encephalopathy, degenerative neurologic diseases and even brain death. This article discusses ethical decisions in reference to when treatment is futile or should be… Read more >

New CTLA President Focuses on Birth Injuries

Sometimes a doctor’s negligence during a baby’s delivery results in a permanent injury to the child. But the injury isn’t always readily apparent to doctors and parents for quite some time, perhaps even until the child starts school. And so most states allow prospective plaintiffs a lengthy period to discover the harm and bring a… Read more >

Secrecy clouds efforts to track newborn blood tests

Darien, Conn. — For the first 99 days of his life, no one knew why little Peter O’Connor was so sick. He wasn’t growing. His eyes wouldn’t track. His skin was cold. Doctors should have known within his first week of life that the baby didn’t have a functioning thyroid gland, which produces hormones crucial… Read more >

$38 Million for Brain-Damaged Baby

Please click here for the Featured Case Study After a seven-week trial, a Stamford jury found obstetrician Corinne de Cholnoky liable for $38.5 million in damages for deciding too late to deliver an oxygen-deprived infant by Cesarean section. At the same time, it cleared co-defendant Stamford Hospital. The record-setting award marks the start of a vigorous… Read more >

Jury Awards $38.5 Million in Malpractice Case, Stamford Advocate, February 2008

STAMFORD — A jury yesterday ruled a city obstetrician must pay $38.5 million to the family of a baby born with cerebral palsy in what may be the state’s largest medical malpractice award ever.