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Photo of David S. Golub

David S. Golub Partner

Photo of Ernie Teitell

Ernie Teitell Partner

Photo of Paul A. Slager

Paul A. Slager Partner

Photo of Steven L. Bloch

Steven L. Bloch Partner

Photo of Ian W. Sloss

Ian W. Sloss Partner

Photo of Daniel S. Jo

Daniel S. Jo Counsel

Photo of Nicole B. Coates

Nicole B. Coates Associate

Photo of Zachary A. Rynar

Zachary A. Rynar Associate

Photo of Sarah A. Ricciardi

Sarah A. Ricciardi Associate

Photo of Jennifer Sclar

Jennifer Sclar Associate

Photo of Marissa Ganz

Marissa Ganz Associate

Ugo A. DePunzio Associate

Photo of William McElligott

William McElligott Associate

Faisal Rahman Associate

Photo of Brett L. Burgs

Brett L. Burgs Associate

Photo of Christopher M. Brain

Christopher M. Brain Law Clerk (admission pending)

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