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New CTLA President Focuses on Birth Injuries

July 23, 2014

Sometimes a doctor's negligence during a baby's delivery results in a permanent injury to the child. But the injury isn't always readily apparent to doctors and parents for quite some time, perhaps even until the child starts school. And so most states allow prospective plaintiffs a lengthy period to discover the harm and bring a claim.

In Connecticut, however, plaintiffs lawyers have, at most, until the child's third birthday to bring a lawsuit, said Angelo Ziotas, of Silver Golub & Teitell in Stamford, who is the new president of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association. "We have the absolute worst law in the country when it comes to the statute of limitations for claims brought by children," Ziotas said. "Every other state in the union has some type of tolling that would allow children to bring claims more than three years after an event. Our law seems completely unfair."

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