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At Silver Golub & Teitell LLP, we are very proud of the results we have been able to achieve for our clients over our four decades of service.  In fact, the Connecticut Law Tribune noted that the firm “… has earned some of the largest verdicts and settlements in state history.”  Listed here are some of our historic, precedent-setting cases along with other representative cases.  Please note that many of the results achieved by our attorneys are confidential.  Accordingly, this list includes just a few representative cases and results.

Please be aware that past results are not a guarantee of future results and that specific dollar amounts do not mean that other cases will have similar results (Disclaimer).  It is important to hire an attorney based on skill, experience and any other factors you consider important, not just on past awards.

Medical Malpractice

Physician Responsible for Brain Damage of Two Patients

The families of two women who fell into irreversible comas during childbirth two years apart agreed to settle their medical malpractice claims for $13.2 million and a substantial confidential settlement. Mia House checked into Norwalk Hospital to deliver her first child, but fell into an irreversible coma when anesthesiologist Jay Angeluzzi failed to notice when her brain wasn’t receiving enough oxygen. Investigators found that Angeluzzi had disconnected the electronic alarms meant to warn of such a problem, and he also could not account for the powerful narcotics he signed for before the procedure. …Read more >

  • Misdiagnosed Tumor Results in $1.2 Million Verdict
    A misdiagnosed tumor that allegedly caused a woman to have surgery that could have otherwise been avoided…Read more >
  • Woman Sustains Permanent Brain Damage
    A 34-year-old woman sustains permanent brain damage because an anesthesiologist fails to properly monitor her vital signs during the cesarean delivery of her first child. Settlement of $16.7 million.…Read more >
  • Misdiagnosis Leads to the Fatal Spread of Skin Cancer
    A 50-year-old man died after a dermatologist misdiagnosed a facial lesion as benign…Read more >

Serious Personal Injury

Ex-Boy Scout Awarded More Than $12 Million in Sex Abuse Case Following Jury Trial

After a hard fought jury case tried by SGT attorneys Paul Slager and Jennifer Goldstein, a Waterbury, CT, jury awarded a former Boy Scout more than $7 million in compensatory damages for the sexual molestation and assault he suffered in the mid-1970s at the hands of a Boy Scout youth leader. The compensatory damage amount is the largest known in the history of cases against the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in its 104-year history. After calculation of attorneys’ fees and interest, the total award to SGT’s client is more than $12 million. This is the latest of multiple cases Slager has successfully litigated against the BSA on behalf of child survivors of sexual abuse in scouting.…Read more >

  • Police Officers & Firefighters Win Right To Bring Negligence Lawsuits for Injuries Sustained in Line of Duty
    In an appeal successfully argued by SGT attorney Jennifer Goldstein and briefed by Ms. Goldstein and SGT attorney Jonathan Levine, the Connecticut Supreme Court held that police officers and firefighters may bring negligence lawsuits against third party tortfeasors to recover for injuries sustained in the performance of duty.…Read more >
  • Condo Resident Suffers Severe Injuries After Break-In
    The plaintiff, a female tenant in a Connecticut condominium community, was attacked violently at night while asleep in her bedroom. She ultimately received $3.9 million as compensation for her injuries. The assailant was a teenage resident of the condominium community and a neighbor of the victim. He was well known to the condominium board of directors, the outside property manager and the private security firm hired to provide security services as a troubled teenager whose past conduct posed a threat to the safety of others in the community. The plaintiff, however, was totally unaware of this prior threatening behavior before the night of the attack.…Read more >
  • Eight-Month-old Suffers Head Injury Because of Defective Steps
    An eight-month-old baby suffers a skull fracture and brain damage when he is dropped down a flight of concrete stairs by an elderly woman who loses her footing on uneven and defective steps. Settlement of $2.75 million.…Read more >

Class Action & Complex Litigation

United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Federal District Court Judge Adds $44 Million in Punitive Damages & Interest in First Smokers Case To Come to Trial in New England

Barbara Izzarelli, a longtime smoker of Salem cigarettes who developed cancer, received a total of $27.5 million dollars in her successful product liability lawsuit against the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. A federal judge awarded nearly $16 million in interest after she had already been awarded $4 million in punitive damages and an $8 million jury award. The jury’s verdict was believed to be the first successful product liability lawsuit in Connecticut by an individual plaintiff against a tobacco company.…Read more >

  • Nationwide Litigation Against Tobacco Secures $4 Billion
    As lead private counsel for the state of Connecticut in its historic action against the tobacco industry, Silver Golub & Teitell played a leading role in the nationwide litigation that secured a recovery for Connecticut totaling almost $4 billion.…Read more >
  • SGT Secures $35.8 million Against CT Resources Recovery Authority
    As lead counsel for 70 Connecticut municipalities, Silver Golub & Teitell secured a judgment of $35.8 million against the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority to recover past overcharges imposed as a result of an illegal unsecured loan to Enron Corporation. CRRA was also enjoined from imposing more than $6.9 million in additional overcharges. …Read more >
  • Lead Counsel for Largest Class Action in CT History
    As lead counsel in what is believed to be the largest class action in Connecticut history…Read more >

Auto Accident

Auto Accident Victim Covered for Long-Term Medical Needs

Silver Golub & Teitell partners Richard A. Silver and Peter M. Dreyer reached a settlement of $11.8 million on behalf of Rene Villard, whose car was struck by a drunk driver who also tested positive for marijuana and was speeding at the time of the motor vehicle collision. Mr. Villard suffered significant brain injury and will require extensive care for the rest of his life.…Read more >

  • Distracted Teen Driver Seriously Injures Women
    A 62-year-old woman crossing the street is struck by a car driven by a distracted teenager, causing brain damage and leg injuries. Settlement of $2.5 million.…Read more >
  • Hit-and-Run Victim Receives $2.05 million
    A 67-year-old man, struck by a hit-and-run driver, suffers severe injuries, including nerve palsy and multiple fractures to arm, leg, and shoulder. Jury verdict of $2.05 million.…Read more >
  • Sense of Smell and Taste Lost in Motor Vehicle Accident
    A young woman sustains injuries following a motor vehicle accident, which results in the loss of her senses of smell and taste. Settlement of $1.38 million after jury verdict. …Read more >

Birth Injury

Connecticut BIrth Injury Law

Birth Injury Victim Awarded a Lifetime of Medical Care

Richard A. Silver and Angelo A. Ziotas presented expert testimony that an emergency C-section should take only five minutes and that Dr. Corrine de Cholnoky responded too slowly. Silver Golub & Teitell won a judgment after jury trial of $38.5 million for the client. On April 3, 2003, Elizabeth Oram was admitted to Stamford Hospital, pregnant with twins. The next morning, she delivered a healthy baby girl, Emma. Minutes later, at 3:13 a.m., complications arose with unborn Spencer. His heart rate fell to an alarming 50 to 70 beats per minute. Almost immediately, Dr. Corrine de Cholnoky noticed the baby’s umbilical cord was being restricted. …Read more >

  • Settlement of $4.46 Million for Wrongful Death of Mother After C-Section
    Settlement of $4.46 million for the wrongful death of a 43-year-old woman after she was allowed to bleed to death alone in her hospital room after the cesarean section of her third child.…Read more >
  • Settlement of $5.25 Million after Labor-Inducing Drug Negligently Administered
    Settlement before trial of $5.25 million for severe brain damage with resulting cerebral palsy and severe cognitive deficits in a baby boy whose mother’s uterus became overstimulated when a labor-inducing drug, Pitocin, was negligently administered. …Read more >
  • $8 Million Settlement for Improper Use of Vacuum Extraction Equipment
    Settlement of $8 million after 11 weeks of trial for a baby boy who suffered brain hemorrhage and traumatic and hypoxic-ischemic brain damage from the improper use of vacuum extraction equipment.…Read more >