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SGT represents a putative class of Westminster, Massachusetts residents in Ryan et al. v. Greif, Inc. et al., an action alleging that the water supplies and topsoil of hundreds of Westminster, Massachusetts residents have been contaminated with PFAS or “forever” chemicals as a result of the activities of the owners and operators of a composting facility and several paper mills located in and around the Westminster area.

The contamination was discovered in February 2022 when a concerned private citizen had his private drinking well water tested for PFAS. The results returned by the testing were staggering and uncovered what has been called the worst PFAS contamination in Massachusetts history. Thus far, residents of over 200 homes in Westminster have been impacted and are, or have been, unable to drink their well water, cook with their well water, or eat the fruits and vegetables grown in their soil.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for costs associates with medical monitoring, damages for negligence, public nuisance, private nuisance, remediation, and depreciation in property values. The case is Ryan et al. v. Greif, Inc. et al., No. 4:22-cv-40089 (D. Mass) and is currently pending before United States Judge Nathanial M. Gorton of the District of Massachusetts.


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