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Medical Malpractice Case Archives

  • A misdiagnosed tumor that allegedly caused a woman to have surgery that could have otherwise been avoided …Read more >
  • A 34-year-old woman sustains permanent brain damage because an anesthesiologist fails to properly monitor her vital signs during the cesarean delivery of her first child. Settlement of $16.7 million. …Read more >
  • The families of two women who fell into irreversible comas during childbirth two years apart agreed to settle their medical malpractice claims for $13.2 million and a substantial confidential settlement. Mia House checked into Norwalk Hospital to deliver her first child, but fell into an irreversible coma when anesthesiologist Jay Angeluzzi failed to notice when her brain wasn’t receiving enough oxygen. Investigators found that Angeluzzi had disconnected the electronic alarms meant to warn of such a problem, and he also could not account for the powerful narcotics he signed for before the procedure. …Read more >
  • A 50-year-old man died after a dermatologist misdiagnosed a facial lesion as benign …Read more >
  • Written up in the New England Journal of Medicine for the superb quality of the presentation of the case, Pisel vs. Stamford Hospital became the first verdict over $1 million in the state of Connecticut. …Read more >
  • An internist fails to diagnose colorectal cancer in a timely manner, leading to progression and metastases of the disease. Settlement of $1.9 million. …Read more >
  • A baby boy suffers brain hemorrhage, along with traumatic and hypoxic-ischemic brain damage …Read more >