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Failure to Treat and/or Monitor

When a patient seeks medical care, they trust that their doctor or medical professional will provide the appropriate treatment monitoring. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

Medical professionals have a duty to carefully treat and monitor their patients' conditions and progress. This includes keeping track of vital signs, checking for changes in symptoms, and ordering appropriate tests and follow-up visits. When a medical professional fails to properly treat a patient, it can result in the deterioration of the patient's condition and in some cases this failure can even lead to death. Similarly, when a medical professional fails to properly monitor a patient's condition, they may miss critical warning signs that could indicate a worsening condition.

Some common examples of medical professionals failing to treat and/or monitor patients are:

  • Failing to monitor a patient during surgery
  • Failing to monitor post-surgery
  • Failure to recognize the warning signs of complications or indicators of more serious conditions.
  • Failure to carry out the doctor’s orders.

These failures can very serious consequences for patients, including:

  • Worsening of existing conditions
  • Development of new conditions such as an illness, disability, or death.
  • Missed opportunities for early intervention

If you believe you or someone close to you has been injured due to the failure of a medical professional to adequately treat or monitor during a procedure or office visit, contact SGT today to speak with one of our experience medical malpractice attorneys.

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