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Zachary A. Rynar joined Silver Golub & Teitell in 2018 and has worked on a variety of complex civil litigation and class action matters.

Currently, Zach represents a group of homeowners whose drinking water was contaminated by PFAS “forever chemicals” emanating from nearby paper mill operations; consumers who purchased baby foods containing toxic heavy metals; individuals, including minors, who have suffered violations of their basic privacy on the internet; purchasers of dry shampoo products containing the carcinogen benzene; and more. Zach’s practice also includes cases on behalf of defrauded mutual fund investors in the wake of a major investment fund being liquidated as well as a series of false claims qui tam actions against two major banks seeking to recover millions of dollars in unredeemed cashier’s checks improperly withheld from the states in which they were purchased. Even in cases with technical dimensions and challenging legal issues, Zach takes pride in being able to dive into these complexities to extract straightforward solutions and clear advocacy positions. 

Immediately prior to joining the firm, Zach served as senior advisor to a United States Senator. Among various projects he helped spearhead was an effort to expose largescale underpayment of flood insurance to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. This investigation, which uncovered significant corporate and governmental malfeasance and brought about important reform, ultimately resulted in millions of dollars in new payments for thousands of underpaid storm victims. The experience truly crystalized his passion for helping people who have suffered in ways they never could have imagined

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