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Jennifer is deeply committed to protecting the rights of those who have been harmed by corporate malfeasance through the thoughtful use of class action litigation.  She has a special interest in cases that affect the quality and affordability of health care.

Jennifer began her career as a corporate defense attorney, where she often felt she was sitting on the wrong side of the table.  As an attorney fighting to recover damages on behalf of plaintiffs and fighting for changes in corporate governance, she never loses sight of the individuals she is fighting for, and what is at stake. 

Jennifer has extensive experience prosecuting a wide variety of plaintiffs’ class action cases that have resulted in significant recovery and corporate reform.  Examples include an antitrust action against a pharmaceutical company involving efforts to prevent generics from coming to market, a case against a major bank involving excessive overdraft fees, and a civil RICO action against U.S. Foods that resulted in one of the largest civil RICO recoveries in U.S. History.    

She participated in the In re Managed Care Litigation, MDL No. 1334, Master File No. 00-1334-MD-MORENO (S.D. Fla. June 19, 2006), a multi-district litigation brought on behalf of over 600,000 physicians against the largest health insurers in America, alleging that payments were reduced, delayed and denied through the improper use of automated claims adjustment software.  The recovery was valued at over $500 million and lead to significant changes in the health care industry.  This case sparked her deep interest in health care and lead her to co-found a software company that builds decision support products for health care consumers. 

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