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Connecticut Movers: Silver Golub & Teitell Celebrates 40-Year Mark

May 18, 2018

By Michael Marciano, Connecticut Law Tribune, STAMFORD, CT (May 18, 2018) -- The Stamford trial law firm of Silver Golub & Teitell celebrated its 40th anniversary with a party for nearly 200 guests last month at the Stamford Palace Theatre. The event was hosted by Richard A. Silver, senior partner of Silver Golub, along with partners David S. Golub and Ernie Teitell.

From left, David S. Golub, Ernie Teitell and Richard A. Silver. Photo by Stan Zlotnick.

“We are delighted to welcome everyone to the firm’s celebration of its 40th year as a partnership,” Silver said. “Forty years ago, Jimmy Carter was president; he is now 94, and we are now in our seventh presidency. Also, 40 years ago, gas was 63 cents, a dozen eggs cost 45 cents, the average ranch home cost $24,500 and the contingent fee was one-third—truly the good old days.”

Silver noted that the firm has always been committed to accepting difficult cases that have a broader impact, including Golub taking on a long battle with tobacco companies and deliberate programs to addict teenagers; a product liability case that resulted in changes in pool safety across the country; and work on the Mianus River Bridge case 30 years ago, resulting in all of the bridges in Connecticut being examined for safety.

“When making an important decision in a case, our guiding principle has always been what is in the best interest of the client,” Silver said, adding, “We could not have maintained the success our of firm without the dedication and assistance of our support staff, many of whom have been with us for more than 30 years. At the same time, I am delighted to congratulate Jennifer Goldstein and Steve Bloch becoming our newest partners.”

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