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Free Will and Nicotine Addiction on Trial, May 2010

November 12, 2013

Every trace of his mellow, live-and-let-live "Big Lebowski" aura evaporated as the biker caught sight of the Connecticut Post headline "Jury awards smoker $8 million."

"F[@#$?!]ing unbelievable," he says, flicking ashes on the ground outside the Starbucks in Trumbull, where he holds an alfresco court among his buddies. "Do you believe this? I don't. This (woman) smokes her whole life and she wants to make the tobacco industry pay for her choice. That's some nerve."

For a few moments, biker dude -- whose clothes, by the way, reek of smoke -- forgets to take a drag on his cigarette. "Everybody knows smoking can cause cancer," says biker dude, who looks to be in his late 50s and has smoked most of his adult life.


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