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Serious Personal Injury Case Archives

  • In an appeal successfully argued by SGT attorney Jennifer Goldstein and briefed by Ms. Goldstein and SGT attorney Jonathan Levine, the Connecticut Supreme Court held that police officers and firefighters may bring negligence lawsuits against third party tortfeasors to recover for injuries sustained in the performance of duty. …Read more >
  • The plaintiff, a female tenant in a Connecticut condominium community, was attacked violently at night while asleep in her bedroom. She ultimately received $3.9 million as compensation for her injuries. The assailant was a teenage resident of the condominium community and a neighbor of the victim. He was well known to the condominium board of directors, the outside property manager and the private security firm hired to provide security services as a troubled teenager whose past conduct posed a threat to the safety of others in the community. The plaintiff, however, was totally unaware of this prior threatening behavior before the night of the attack. …Read more >
  • An eight-month-old baby suffers a skull fracture and brain damage when he is dropped down a flight of concrete stairs by an elderly woman who loses her footing on uneven and defective steps. Settlement of $2.75 million. …Read more >
  • Two workers sustain head and back injuries after falling from a scaffold. Settlement of $1.05 million after five days of trial. …Read more >
  • A 36-year-old father of two, recovering in the defendant hospital from an uncomplicated surgical procedure, suffered cardiac arrest due to the hospital's failure to provide proper post-operative care. …Read more >
  • After a hard fought jury case tried by SGT attorneys Paul Slager and Jennifer Goldstein, a Waterbury, CT, jury awarded a former Boy Scout more than $7 million in compensatory damages for the sexual molestation and assault he suffered in the mid-1970s at the hands of a Boy Scout youth leader. The compensatory damage amount is the largest known in the history of cases against the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in its 104-year history. After calculation of attorneys’ fees and interest, the total award to SGT’s client is more than $12 million. This is the latest of multiple cases Slager has successfully litigated against the BSA on behalf of child survivors of sexual abuse in scouting. …Read more >
  • A young woman sustains injuries following a motor vehicle accident, which results in the loss of her senses of smell and taste. Settlement of $1.38 million after jury verdict. …Read more >