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Auto Accident Victim Covered for Long-Term Medical Needs

Case Study

HallFame_logoSilver Golub & Teitell partners Richard A. Silver and Peter M. Dreyer reached a settlement of $11.8 million on behalf of Rene Villard, whose car was struck by a drunk driver who also tested positive for marijuana and was speeding at the time of the motor vehicle collision.  Mr. Villard suffered significant brain injury and will require extensive care for the rest of his life.


Shortly after midnight, an employee of the Shoreline Pools crashed into Mr. Villard’s car, resulting in severe injuries.  At the time of the collision, the defendant driver had a blood alcohol level more than double the permissible limit.  He also tested positive for marijuana and admitted he was driving far in excess of the 25 mph posted speed limit.

Mr. Villard was transported to the Stamford Hospital emergency room after the accident, where he remained hospitalized for nine weeks.  He then spent three months in Gaylord Rehabilitation Hospital, followed by rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility.  He sustained traumatic brain injuries and other physical injuries, including multiple fractures, as a result of which he is permanently totally disabled.

Before the case settled, Messrs. Silver and Dreyer presented expert witnesses to provide detailed analysis of the future care that Mr. Villard would require and the future costs of that care.  After extensive litigation, the case settled for $11.8 million, an amount that ensures Mr. Villard will receive the care he needs moving forward.



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