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Silver Golub & Teitell Is 'Forcing the Conversation' on PFAS Contamination in Drinking Water

November 7, 2023

Silver Golub & Teitell is forcing Connecticut to come to terms with an issue that is much bigger than many people can imagine, a leading columnist wrote, after SGT filed lawsuits against two of the state's major water companies over drinking water contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals.

"We're looking at a class of compounds that's suspected of causing cancer and all sorts of other ills even in amounts so small that we're barely able to measure them," columnist Dan Haar wrote in CT Insider. "By forcing the conversation, the cases are part of that national reckoning, a coming-to-terms that's much bigger than most of us can imagine," he wrote.

Connecticut lawmakers in both political parties have said the state General Assembly is very likely to bring public water under tight PFAS limits in 2024, Mr. Haar wrote.

Silver Golub & Teitell filed class action complaints against Connecticut Water Company and Aquarion Water Company on October 16, alleging the two companies knowingly supplied water contaminated with PFAS chemicals to hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents. Connecticut Water supplies an estimated 350,000 people in 60 cities and towns in the state, while Aquarion supplies over 625,000 people in 59 Connecticut cities and towns. 

CT Insider: CT Lawmakers Could Ban PFAS in Public Water in 2024 as Lawsuits Mount


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