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SGT files class actions against Nelnet Servicing, LLC on behalf of student borrowers whose data was compromised

September 14, 2022

Silver Golub & Teitell LLP has filed two class actions against defendant Nelnet Servicing, LLC on behalf of student loan borrowers whose information was compromised when an unauthorized third-party accessed and stole their sensitive information on Nelnet's systems.

Nelnet is a Nebraska-based student loan servicing company that serves as a student loan servicer and web portal provider for EdFinancial and the Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA). On August 26, 2022, EdFinancial and OSLA began notifying over 2.5 million of their customers that that their sensitive personal information—including social security numbers, full names, physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers—had been exposed as a result of unauthorized access to Nelnet's computer systems. According to a letter filed with the Maine Attorney General, Nelnet "discovered a vulnerability [Nelnet] believes led to . . .certain student loan account registration information [being] accessible by an unknown party beginning in June 2022 and ending on July 22, 2022."

SGT believes victims of the Nelnet data breach may have claims against Nelnet as they likely face increased odds of identity theft or other identity fraud-type crimes. If you received notice from Nelnet that your information has been exposed and wish to learn more about your rights, visit SGT's contact SGT Partner Ian W. Sloss at at (203) 325-4491.

The actions are Spearman et al. v. Nelnet Servicing, LLC, No. 22-cv-03191 (D. Neb.) (filed Sept. 7, 2022), and Bump et al v. Nelnet Servicing, LLC, No. 22-cv-03204 (D. Neb.)(filed Sept. 14, 2022).


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