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Dramatic Increase in Hospital Deaths and Injuries As a Result of Medical Errors

June 6, 2014 

By Richard A. Silver The Institute of Medicine, in its seminal 1999 work “To Err Is Human,” indicated that there were more than 100,000 deaths per year as a result of medical errors in hospitals in the United States.  More recent studies have shown that there has been a dramatic increase in deaths due to… Read more >

Court Upholds $5 Million Malpractice Verdict, August 2012

Allison Downs et al. v. Orlito A. Trias, M.D. et al.: The state Supreme Court has upheld a $5 million jury verdict for a terminal cancer patient who claimed that her doctor failed to warn her that she had an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. Defense lawyers appealed a 2010 jury verdict on a… Read more >

Jury Awards $5M To Cancer Patient, Husband, May 2010

Allison and Michael Downs v. Orlito A. Trias, M.D. et al.: A New Milford woman was awarded $4 million and her husband $1 million after proving that a doctor failed to warn the woman she had an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. In June 2005, Allison Downs underwent a hysterectomy after tests found large… Read more >