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Allianz Structured Alpha Funds Class Action

Silver Golub & Teitell LLP has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Allianz Global Investors U.S. LLC (“AllianzGI”) on behalf of the Town of Fairfield, Connecticut’s retirement system (“Fairfield”) and other investors, which collectively lost billions of dollars invested in the AllianzGI Structured suite of funds, which includes:

(1) AllianzGI Structured Alpha U.S. Equity 250;

(2) AllianzGI Structured Alpha Global Equity 350;

(3) AllianzGI Structured Alpha Global Equity 500; and

(4) AllianzGI Structured Alpha U.S. Equity 500

As alleged in the complaint, AllianzGI deviated from its represented strategy and investment mandate to protect against sharp market downturns. As further alleged in the complaint, when the equity markets experienced such conditions in the first quarter of 2020, AllianzGI’s funds were not protected, leading to significant losses, which losses were further exacerbated by trading activity that similarly deviated from AllianzGI’s representations and mandate.

Fairfield’s complaint alleges that these losses were due to AllianzGI’s negligence in executing the Structured Alpha strategy, AllianzGI’s breaches of duty to act in the best interests of their investors rather in its own self-interest, and AllianzGI’s breaches of contract.

If you were an investor in one of AllianzGI’s Structured Alpha funds listed above and would like more information about this class action or wish to discuss your rights, please contact Steven L. Bloch, Esq., by email at or by telephone at (203) 325-4491.