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Predatory Gambling Apple iOS Apps

Silver Golub & Teitell LLP (“SGT”) is currently investigating whether Apple, Inc. (“Apple”) illegally profited from in-game purchases made to by individuals to allow them to play illegally offered games of chance via application (“Apps”) Apple approved and made available for download on the Apple App Store (the “App Store”).

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Apple’s iPhone smartphones and iPad tablet computers run on Apple’s iOS operating system. Apple permits third party developers to develop Apps for its iOS operating systems and makes these Apps available on Apple’s “App Store” platform. In exchange for giving app developers access to Apple’s customer base through the App Store, Apple takes 30% of all revenue generated by both (1) App sales; and (2) in-App purchases made by individuals using the Apps. When an individual purchases an App, or makes an in-App purchase, the money paid is transmitted to Apple, and Apple then transmits 70% of the money to the App Developer.

As early as 2011, Apple approved and made available on the App Store several Apps that offered individuals the opportunity to play game of chance, such as virtual slot machines, for money. Typically, these Apps provided players machines with an initial free bundle of virtual “coins” which the users could use to play the various games of chance offered within the Apps. Once the players lost their initial allotment of coins, the App Developers, through the Apple App Store, used predatory and deceptive tactics to entice individuals to purchase additional coins to continue to play the games of chance. Individuals could not continue playing these games without purchasing additional coins. As a result of these tactics, individual have lost hundreds of millions of dollars playing illegally offered games of chance.

If you lost money playing virtual casino games on an iOS App you downloaded from the App Store and would like more information or wish to discuss your rights, please contact Zachary Rynar, Esq., by email at or by telephone at (203) 325-4491.

Zachary Rynar is an associate at Silver Golub & Teitell LLP, a law firm with offices in Stamford, Hartford, Waterbury and Danbury, Connecticut.