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Christopher M. Brain

Law Clerk (admission pending)

(203) 325-4491
Fax: (203) 325-3769

Christopher brings his own unique insights and experiences to his practice, having first qualified as a barrister in England and Wales and as a civil and commercial mediator before joining SGT.

Christopher is well adept with various aspects of legal practice; particularly with written and oral advocacy, legal research, and drafting – having received specialist training in those areas.

As a result, Christopher enjoys being pragmatic, detail-oriented and works hard to provide quality, solutions-based legal services to his clients.

Before joining SGT, Christopher assisted particularly vulnerable clients through the Swansea Law Clinic by understanding and being empathetic towards their specific issues and providing high-level advice on an array of critical legal problems.
Additionally, Christopher previously assisted counsel in the English criminal courts by conferencing with clients in custody, collecting evidence from witnesses, and keeping clear and detailed notes of trial proceedings to be used for an appeal against conviction.

Christopher also carried out detailed and precise research and drafted confidential memoranda on international law and policy for members of Congress and the public while working as a Global Legal Research Intern with the Law Library of Congress.

Christopher continuously seeks to draw upon his unique legal and non-legal experiences and insights in his practice to provide the best real-world solutions for his clients and is equipped to deal with any issues that are thrown his way.

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