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Misdiagnosed Tumor Near Brain Leads to $1.2 Million Verdict

February 24, 2016 

Erin Kramer v. Dr. Samuel Markind and Associated Neurologists: A misdiagnosed tumor that allegedly caused a woman to have surgery that could have otherwise been avoided has resulted in a $1.2 million verdict in a medical malpractice case on the Waterbury complex litigation docket.

Some of the defendants settled after jury selection. Those who went to trial were found by the jury to be only 20 percent at fault, thus reducing the $1.2 million verdict by 80 percent. However, the plaintiffs were still pleased overall. “When taking into account the settlement and the verdict it was a result that the client found very satisfying,” said Paul Slager of Silver Golub & Teitell LLP in Stamford.

When Erin Kramer of Wilton began having problems with recurring headaches, she consulted a neurologist, Dr. Samuel Markind of Associated Neurologists in Danbury. Kramer, 23, lived in Newtown at the time, where she had grown up.